Activists have called email the main threat to the environment

Активісти назвали електронну пошту головною загрозою екології

Emails have a negative impact on the environment

It would seem that e-mail that does not use paper, should be loyal to the environment, but this statement did not agree to British intelligence associated with the energy industry. They calculated how harmful to the Earth’s environment can be a familiar way of communicating.

By itself e-mails could be called organic, but the amount of carbon dioxide emissions of power plants, provide the servers, the experts evaluated as a serious threat to the entire planet.

Most harm to mankind, according to the researchers ‘ report, put pointless messages that contain one or more words like “Well, how?” “You did?”, “You too,” “Thank you”, “took” , and so on.

If everyone in the UK refused daily send at least one such message that does not bear a deep meaning, that in a year could reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 16 thousand tons, analysts say.

This is the amount of emissions equivalent engines 3334 cars or 81 152 flights between Madrid and London. In total, according to a published report in the UK sends approximately 64 million “unnecessary” emails daily.

Активісти назвали електронну пошту головною загрозою екології

During the survey, 49% of UK users admitted that they indeed sent this message colleagues and friends. Keep this habit for the sake of environmental well-being of our planet agreed 71% of the respondents.

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