Acting legend turns 90: Kino-Liebe congratulates Freddy Quinn – Hamburg

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Acting legend turns 90: Kino-Liebe congratulates Freddy Quinn – Hamburg

Hamburg – Happy birthday, Freddy Quinn!

The legendary singer and actor will be 90 years old on Monday. Ingeborg Schöner-Marischka (86) congratulates him in BILD.

With her, Freddy became the screen dream couple between mosquitoes and muddy jungle streets 61 years ago. They got to know and appreciate each other while shooting the adventure film “Far ist der Weg”.

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Photo: Nico Marischka

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Ingeborg Schöner-Marischka lives in Munich, where she still gives meditation courses at the age of 86Photo: Nico Marischka

The widow of cult director Georg Marischka († 77, “The Sinner”): “I used to be the youngest. Today almost all beloved colleagues have already died. It’s nice that Freddy is fine. Long live it and well! “

When the shooting began in 1960 in Brazil, “Freddy” was still “Mr. Quinn” for the actress, who now teaches meditation in Munich as a Zen teacher. “Back then, that was a form of politeness on film sets. Freddy was a great and charming guy, ”she says.

She never fell in love with him: “That usually happened to me with directors. But Freddy gave me a down-to-earth tip right from the start: ‘Don’t put high heels on the set – far too dangerous.’ I stuck to it. “

A friendship developed over the weeks in Brasilia and Rio, among other places. She: “In the evenings he sang Schubert songs for me, always saying: ‘I would much rather do that. But everyone always says that only hits sell. So I’ll just sing it. ‘”

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