Accusation: Resident of Nof HaGalil stole an ATM with thousands of shekels

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 Accusation: Nof HaGalil resident stole an ATM with thousands of shekels< /p>

A resident of Nof HaGalil has been charged with cutting an ATM machine with a grinder and taking it home with the money.

Police say they received a message about a suspect trying to steal an ATM in the city of Nof HaGalil. The police officers who arrived at the scene began to search for the suspect, Haruts Sheva reports.

The 51-year-old suspect fled the scene and after several weeks was discovered by the police.

After a quick investigation, the police arrived within a few hours at the home of the suspected theft, where they seized an ATM machine and 25,100 shekels in cash.

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