'Accidental' explosion at terrorist's apartment in Gaza kills child

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 "Accidental" explosion in terrorist apartment in Gaza: child killed

According to Palestinian media reports, the explosion took place in an apartment just behind the Mustafa Hafez Primary School run by UNRWA. The building destroyed by the explosion is located just around the corner from the Nasser Medical Center, Gaza's largest hospital.

Palestinian sources initially reported the death of 9-year-old Mira al-Attal and her relative, who owned the apartment, Nidal al-Attal.

Hamas-affiliated news agency Shehab explains death " accidental explosion.” In a statement from the “Ministry of the Interior” terrorist organization, it is said that an investigation into the explosion has been launched.

IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht said Israel was not involved in the incident and the likely cause of the explosion was “ammunition stored in an unsafe place in the home of a member of a Palestinian terrorist group, which exploded and killed a small child.”

This incident once again demonstrated the Gaza-based terrorist groups' disregard for civilian life and international law. In addition, the latest explosion in Khan Yunis is especially egregious because of the proximity of the explosion to the hospital and educational institution run by the UN, — both of which are entitled to protection under customary international law.

Hamas, “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” (PIJ) and other terrorist organizations are using UNRWA homes, hotels, hospitals and schools as launching pads for attacks against Israel. This is tantamount to a double war crime: deliberately firing rockets at Israel and using the people of Gaza as human shields.

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