Accident? In the port of Astrakhan, through which Iranian drones are supplied, there is a fire

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 An accident? There is a fire in the port of Astrakhan, through which Iranian drones are supplied

In early November, Ukrainian media reported that Iran was using the sea route through the Caspian Sea to transport drones. According to the documents, the Iranians are transporting spare parts for civil aviation using the port of Bandar Anzali. Destination – Astrakhan or Makhachkala.
Transportation is carried out on the ships of the Iranian Industrial Company (controlled by the IRGC). In particular, 200 dismantled drones are expected to arrive in Astrakhan by sea in early November. center>

By coincidence, and for reasons that have not yet been clarified, a strong fire broke out in the port of Astrakhan.

37 Atarbekov Vessel Street. About this "MK in Astrakhan" reported in the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. According to the department, 7 units of special equipment and 18 personnel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are fighting the fire at the scene of the incident, & ndash; say the journalists.

A branch of the Zvyozdochka shipyard is located at the indicated address in Astrakhan. The plant specializes in the repair of naval ships, including their armament, as well as the repair of civilian watercraft. It is engaged in the construction of ships up to 97 m long and with a dock weight of up to 800 tons.

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