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When you write the title “Accident” in Tel Aviv, I immediately want to explain that this did not happen, and this is not a news bulletin, but simply the group “Accident” comes to Israel on tour.
Group “Accident” was in Israel with a big concert three years ago, just before the start of the pandemic. And all the time I was waiting for a convenient and, of course, a happy occasion to come back here again. This case has come – in January 2023 “Accident” comes to Tel Aviv to give the only concert in Reading-3. In 2023, “Accident” is celebrating the band's 40th anniversary, with a first anniversary concert in Tel Aviv.
So what happened 40 years ago? First-year students of Moscow State University Alexei Kortnev and Valdis Pelsh met and organized the musical duet “Accident”, laying the foundation for a long-lived group. “The most intellectual”, “the most witty”, “the most artistic”, “the most theatrical” – The team has many excellent epithets, and all of them are true. It is impossible to fit all the versatility of the group into some simple and understandable definition. Because the style that can be tentatively called “cabaret rock” does not exist. More precisely, it exists in a single copy of “Accident”.

25 clips, 13 albums, songs for films and performances – a great musical life, in which there is radio and theater, musicals and television programs, and about which the musicians of the group always have something to tell, or rather, to play and sing. Each show of “Accident” — a big surprise even for long time fans.
Upcoming concert — not an exception. The appearance on the stage of the group “Accident” and its leader Alexei Kortnev — it is an immediate contact with the audience, and most importantly – it's always smart, intelligent and fun. A truly happy occasion for any viewer.
January 20, 2023, Tel Aviv, Reading Hall 3. Beginning at 20:00
Tickets: https://biletru.co.il/events/neschastniy-sluchay- yubiley40/
Courtesy of tour organizer – by the production company BARD PROductions
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