Academic School of Nursing (Dina): a profession with soul and heart

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 Academic School of Nursing (Dina): a profession with heart and soul

Yael Babi and Meirav Siman Tov decided to leave their comfortable careers and go to work as a registered nurse in order to pursue more meaningful work. Director of the Academic School of Nursing (Dina), Dr. Eleonora Gandelman, explains that many people come to us to become registered nurses due to a number of advantages.

Yael Babi (45 years) from Ra'anana has held senior positions in the insurance industry for many years. Three years ago, she began to feel exhausted at work, she ceased to be interested in anything. The turning point came after her father was admitted to Beilinson Hospital. She spent half a year near him, at the same time monitoring the work of nurses. So she realized that this is what she wants to do in life.

Like Babi, Meirav Siman Tov (50) from Petah Tikva decided to leave her impressive career of more than 25 years in high technology and find a more meaningful job. She was introduced to the Beilinson Hospital Academic School of Nursing (Dinah), where one can become a Registered Nurse.

The school is located on the territory of the Beilinson Hospital Complex, which is part of the Rabin Medical Center, and offers three training programs, including a retraining program for people with higher education in any field. “We are part of the largest health insurance fund, Clalit, and this is our advantage,” — says Dr. Gundelman. Clalit cares about the employment of our graduates. Everyone will be able to find a suitable job anywhere in the country.»

In addition, Dr. Gandelman notes the advantage of being located at the Rabin Medical Center, which includes the Beilinson and Asharon hospitals, next door to the large Schneider Center for Pediatrics, the Gay Mental Health Center and the Clalit health clinics: students to integrate into work in a student position already during their studies. We also have a system of support and assistance in our school – whose goal is to help students successfully complete their studies.

 Academic School of Nursing (Dina): a profession with heart and soul

“a profession with soul and heart”

Babi and Siman Tov met at school and became good friends. Largely because their stories are somewhat similar – they both have a good reason to go to medical school “Dina”. “Some of our students decided to change their profession. Often people burn out or just want to change their field of activity to something more significant and important. Some students choose to go to a new field, as it will provide them with a guaranteed job and a stable income. — says Dr. Gandelman.

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