Abu Akle murder: Al Jazeera rejects investigation results

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 Abu Akle killing: Al-Jazeera rejected investigation results

"Al Jazeera" rejected the results of an Israeli investigation into the death of journalist Shirin Abu-Akle.

According to The New Arab, the media network called the investigation an attempt by the Israeli army to “evade criminal responsibility.” for the murder of a journalist.

Al Jazeera condemns the reluctance of the Israeli occupying forces to openly admit their crime and attempts to evade prosecution of the perpetrators,” the statement said.

conduct an investigation.

Recall that the results of the investigation say that there is a high probability that Shirin Abu Akle could have been accidentally killed by a shot fired by an Israeli soldier. However, according to the IDF, there is still the possibility that the fatal shot was fired by the Palestinians.

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