About a quarter of childhood poisonings are caused by chlorine

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 About a quarter of childhood poisoning is caused by chlorine

Do you know how many Google pages are devoted to detergent poisoning?

We found hundreds of articles about children ingesting cleaning products, bleach poisoning, improper use of detergents, and more .

If we dig deeper, we will find thousands more posts about the dangers resulting from the use of substances such as bleach (the Ministry of Health claims that bleach can cause cancer if used together with organic substances), degreasers, etc. .

 About a quarter of childhood poisonings are caused by chlorine

From the Beterem website

The market today offers a lot of eco-friendly solutions that are outwardly useful and harmless, which is rarely true, because the manufacturer does not always list all the ingredients. Moreover, sometimes the “green” products are either not always suitable for someone due to allergens, or are not effective enough.

What would you say if you knew that from today most cleaning jobs can be done using only water? Would you raise an eyebrow and ask how this is even possible?

A new product was recently launched in Israel called EffectiveO, a patented, innovative diamond-cut technology that turns ordinary tap water into ozone. This water is extremely effective for cleaning, disinfecting and neutralizing unpleasant odors in homes, offices, kindergartens, etc.

Ozone water has been used for many years and is known as a natural and very effective disinfectant, and in 2001, the FDA even approved its use in food disinfection.

Recently, this water treatment has become indispensable in many homes around the world. This product has become an ideal replacement for bleaches, various acid or alkali based cleaners.

It will be some time before this product can replace all the chemicals in our home, but according to the manufacturer and independent research, Effective O is an effective, high-quality and harmless cleaner.

If we talk about the price, then of course you won’t buy such a device for three pennies, and don’t be fooled by subdeks, but it’s worth every shekel spent, especially along with the increase in the prices of cleaning products, it will save you a lot of money in the long run .

The manufacturer guarantees that the product destroys 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds, is effective against bacteria of E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and others. In addition, it neutralizes the unpleasant odors of cigarettes, urine, animal excrement in a natural way, without the use of cleaning products that, when interacting with organic residues become toxic. In addition, the product is non-toxic and does not harm humans and animals.

 About a quarter of children's poisonings are caused by chlorine


In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the product is the safety of children. We all know that children, both small and large, suffer the most from ingesting toxic substances, sometimes because we didn't close the packaging properly, sometimes because, in an attempt to save space, we poured bleach into a bottle of mineral water. water and sometimes just because of an annoying mistake.

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