Abnormal heat in Europe will reach a historical maximum

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 Europe's heat wave reaches historic high

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Tuesday, July 19, the heat wave in Europe will hit an all-time high. This opinion was expressed by Meteo Tech forecaster Nachum Malik in a commentary to Israel Today. “The current heat wave in Europe is still at its peak today, but tomorrow it will intensify even more, reaching maximum temperatures that have not yet been seen in central England. It looks like it's 40 degrees in London right now,” he said. According to the forecaster, the previous temperature record was observed in July 2019. Then in London it was 39 degrees Celsius. According to the forecaster, the continent will increasingly experience such heat waves as now and last June. “We will see them reaching the continent more frequently and with greater intensity,” Malik added. The heat will ease off next Wednesday due to rain. And in Spain and southern France, the temperature will rise again closer to Saturday.

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