Abbas: Israel destroys two-state solution

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 Abbas: Israel destroys two-state solution

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the UN General Assembly. It is reported by "Kan". Israel “decided not to be a partner in the peace process,” he said. Abbas accused the Jewish State of destroying the Oslo Accords. “Israel is destroying the two-state solution. We want to live in peace with Israel,” he said.

The PA President again called Israel an “apartheid state”. He accused the country of “killing Palestinians,” recalling the death of journalist Shirin Abu Akle. He urged the United States to bring to justice those who killed the American. “Settlers kill Palestinians in broad daylight and steal officially protected land. Israel attacks the shrines of Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem. He falsifies educational programs in Jerusalem and prevented us from holding elections. It is a system built on apartheid. And who protects Israel from punishment? United Nations,” he added.

Abbas also asked to make the PA a full member of the UN. “We renew our request for admission as a full member of the United Nations,” he said. Abbas said he was encouraged by Biden's and Lapid's positions on the “two-state solution.” "But the real test of the seriousness of this position — this is an immediate meeting at the negotiating table,” he added. The day before, Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed the UN General Assembly. “We need to understand history, respect it and learn from it, but be ready and able to change it, choose the future over the past, peace over war, partnership over isolation,” he said. Lapid noted that the agreement with the Palestinians, based on the principle of “two states for two peoples,” is “right for the security of Israel, the Israeli economy and the future of our children.” “Peace is not a compromise, but the most courageous decision we can make. Peace is not a weakness, it embodies all the strength of the human spirit. War is a surrender to all the bad in us, peace is the victory of all the good,” he added.

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