A young Israeli woman was the victim of a “Tinder swindler”

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 A young Israeli woman was the victim of

Young Israeli Iren Tranov became the latest victim of the fraudster Shimon Hayut, who “became famous” after the Netflix movie “The Tinder Swindler”. Recall that the film tells that Hayut deceived a large number of women whom he met on the Tinder platform.

Iren Tranov told Israeli TV Channel 13 that she had watched the documentary, but when Hayut contacted with her, he convinced her that the claims against him were lies.

“He doesn't look like a target hunter,” the woman said.

During the conversation, Tranov told Hayut that she wanted to replace her car. According to Channel 13, Hayut told the woman that he was a partner a car import company and will buy a new luxury BMW car for it at a lower price than what could be found on the market.

However, “Tinder Scammer” demanded that the woman hand over the money to him and instruct her on how to take out loan after loan from different companies.

Tranov said that she transferred Hayut about NIS 450,000 over a period of several days, and in the meantime he provided her another car, saying that she would work to get the one she wanted.

The car was confiscated and registered in someone else's name, Channel 13 reports.

in my name, and I have no money,” complained a woman who believed the scammer. Iren Tarnov demanded a refund from the fraudster, he handed her the check.

But a few days later the check was rejected because it was signed by another woman, who allegedly became another victim of Hayut.

“When I saw this, I realized that I had much bigger problems,” the victim said.

According to her, Hayut began to threaten her because of the car that Irene had. During a court hearing in another case against him, Hayut stated that Tranov stole a car.

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