A young girl Kirkorov was struck by the words about his pregnant “mistress”

Юная девушка Киркорова поразила словами о его беременной "любовнице"

Girl Phillip Kirkorov DJ Ekaterina Guseva said that thinking about pregnancy Svetlana Safieva from her lover

Writes about this Clutch.

“No reaction between them does not arise. Not like she’s the woman who bears his children. Throughout the tour never discussed neither in the team nor between us. Svetlana, live your full busy life. You are a beautiful woman. Your life, I say successful, so achieve this success in other places,” she said.

Юная девушка Киркорова поразила словами о его беременной "любовнице"

As you know, recently aired a program Andrei Malakhov, where Muscovite Svetlana Safieva, a fan Kirkorov, spoke about intimacy with the king of pop, but also that pregnant with triplets.

From artist it requires 200 thousand dollars for delivery.

Юная девушка Киркорова поразила словами о его беременной "любовнице"

Black day for Ukrainian show-business: he left the life of a true professional

Sofieva told the show that she met the singer many years ago. For a long time sofieva was only a fan, he attended all concerts of the idol. Once accidentally collided with Kirkorov in a Japanese restaurant, the evening ended in the room of a luxury hotel.

After businesswoman and pop king began to regularly intersect. The lovers always met in the same hotel. The woman invited the crew to a room where, in her words, indulged in amorous pleasures with Kirkorov.

“We were detached from everything. It was warm, cozy, passionately, confidently, sensually. I don’t know what words you pick up when two adults largely held once again find interesting and pass the path of love, all these love mazes. He wrote songs for me, I knew it was for me. We have a candy-bouquet period was on tour Philip, when I came with friends, when he was overjoyed, and talked about it around the auditorium, but as such meetings we had. We had a night in, an intimate relationship, hidden from the eyes”, – said the Muscovite.

Юная девушка Киркорова поразила словами о его беременной "любовнице"

Malakhov noted that during his career, first encountered this story. The audience explained that Svetlana Sofievo – rare psychic-physiological state – a false pregnancy. The woman stays in confidence that she was pregnant, and even truly experiencing the symptoms inherent in the position.

Recall that Philip has traded the daughter for the wife of Igor Krutoy.

As reported Politeka, presenter revealed the secret about Kirkorov

Also Politeka wrote Kirkorov excoriated because of the childish attire of his 6-year-old daughter.

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