A year of war in Ukraine through the eyes of the Film Club of the ANU Museum

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 The year of the war in Ukraine through the eyes of the cinema club of the ANU museum

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In April 22 at ANU – The Museum of the Jewish People launched a film project “With Your Own Eyes”, where its creators, with the support of the NADAV Foundation and in partnership with the BABEL bookstore, showed films worth public discussion every month. After the screenings, director Roma Liberov discussed the films he had seen with their authors and with the audience.

February 23 within the framework of the 11th film club “With Your Own Eyes” there will be a special show– on the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, viewers will see the film by Valentin Vasyanovich “Atlantis” in Ukrainian with English subtitles.

The choice of this film, which will be shown exactly on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is not accidental. The events of the film, shot in 2019, take place in 2025 in the Donbass, “a year after the end of the war,” and tell about the future victory of Ukraine in the war with Russia and the de-occupation of Donbass.

Valentin Vasyanovich said about his picture: “This is a catastrophe that does not just stop at the immediate environment, but seeps everywhere through people, everyone is dealing with some kind of past trauma and is trying to draw something like life out of themselves.” Vasyanovich, scriptwriter, director, cameraman and producer of the film, decided the casting in an unusual way, inviting only non-professional actors to play the roles: veterans of the conflict, volunteers, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of the main roles was played by Andrey Rimaruk— former intelligence officer, participant in the war in the Donbass, now working in the Come Back Alive Foundation. Paramedic Lyudmila Bileka and volunteer Vasily Antonyak also starred in the film. The film was shot mainly in Mariupol in the winter of 2018.

 The year of the war in Ukraine through the eyes of the Film Club of the ANU Museum

World premiere of “Atlantis” took place at the 76th Venice Film Festival in 2019, in honor of which the flag of Ukraine was raised over the Lido Island. The tape received the main prize in the Horizons program at the festival.

The proceeds from ticket sales will be used to help Ukraine.

Screening of “Atlantis” completes the film club “With Your Own Eyes”, opening a new page of film screenings in the Museum of ANU–
How to understand another country and its people in a short time, immerse yourself in new realities?

Cinema, both fiction and documentary, greatly facilitates the process, and Israeli cinema is a pure reflection of life, stunning with its open emotions, vivid characters and unexpected angles.

In this program, the authors will select and show new repatriates only those films that, on the one hand, most accurately reflect the character of Israel and its inhabitants, and on the other – are powerful artistic expressions.

Screening of the film “Atlantis” will take place on February 23rd. Gathering of guests at 19:00, show starts at 19:30. The session will end with a discussion led by director Roma Liberov.

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, st. Klausner 15, Tel Aviv.
Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/724072822667328


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