A “winter” children's department was opened at the Soroka University Medical Center

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 The "winter" children's department is open at the University Medical Center "Soroka" /></p>
<p> Last week in the Children's Center “Saban” at the hospital «Soroka» opened “winter” children's ward due to a significant increase in morbidity and hospitalizations typical of the winter period.</p>
<p> Respiratory viruses such as RSV and influenza have returned in full force this year, resulting in morbidity in newborns and children throughout country is very high.</p>
<p>Recently, the occupancy of the departments of the Children's Center “Saban” averages about 130%.</p>
<p> in cooperation with Clalit Health Insurance Fund decided to open a special “winter” department with 15 hospital beds under the direction of Drs. Saeed Abu Abed and Aviva Zander.</p>
<p>Professor Dudy Grinberg, Head of the Saban Children's Center and the pediatric infectious diseases department at the Soroka hospital: “Now we are seeing a high incidence among infants and children both in Israel and in the world. Morbidity requiring a large number of hospitalizations due to an increase in cases of pneumonia and the need for oxygen and additional procedures. The department we have opened will ease the burden on the hospital. In addition, due to this situation, I urge everyone to get a flu shot, both children and adults. “</p>
<p> Dr. Shlomi Kodesh, head of the Soroka University Medical Center: “We are carrying a large responsibility as the largest medical center and the only hospital in the region responsible for the health of the inhabitants of the Negev, including the growing generation of children in the southern district. Departments for children are needed to solve the complex problems of this winter season.<br /> I thank all the staff of the Saban Children's Center, who, despite the unusual scale of the incidence, continue to provide all possible assistance to hospitalized children and their families.< br /> </p>
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