A wild boar caused quite a stir in the dining room

Дикий кабан устроил переполох в столовой

A strange incident occurred in the Chinese city.

In one of the canteens there was a curious incident: into the room ran a wild boar, carrying on the course of stools. The animal crawled under the table and began to eat the fallen food on the floor, while the visitors run in different directions, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Reportedly, the incident happened in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province. Probably a wild boar snuck into the kitchen through the back door and tried to escape through the window. The beast was so big it couldn’t fit in the doorway and broke glass. Later, the animal ran out of the dining room, he encountered a group of farmers and attacked one of them. In the result the boar was killed and the man received the necessary medical assistance.

“I have heard the cries of the people and decided that someone argues. I went to look and saw a wild boar running around in the room – says the employee, who requested anonymity. – I ran out and shouted to the rest of the run”.

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