A well-known pediatrician listed signs of useless drugs

Известный педиатр перечислил признаки бесполезных лекарств

These seven criteria will help to identify charlatanesque tool.

On his page in social network Instagram Eugene Komorowski told how correctly to choose the drug and whether or not to buy the defective drugs. According to the pediatrician to determine the quackish medicines is a snap, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to PolitekA.

“Be vigilant,” warns Komorowski leads seven signs of quack medicine.

Personal testimonies

The effectiveness of the product is confirmed by success stories. “They are easy to compose, and they are not a substitute for scientific data,” warned Dr. Komarovsky.

Fast action

Not all diseases are treated quickly. So when in advertising you hear about the fast recovery time, it is definitely cheating.

The natural ingredients

A common myth is that all natural components are very useful, and the “chemistry” is incredible harmful. This fact should cause distrust.


References to a “scientific breakthrough”, “secret development”, “defence technology” is suspicious. Komorowski noted that all of the real breakthroughs in medicine are always extensively covered by the media.

Conspiracy theories

If is is a reference to concealed pharmacists or governments supercart, it is – manipulation.

A single product that cures many diseases

Panaceas do not exist. Have not a single drug to cure you from all ills

No side effects

The doctors explained how acupuncture helps people to lose weight

“There is no effective medical effects without side effects. If their presence is denied, it is suspicious”, – concludes the doctor.

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