A week before the Pride, an Israeli magazine spoke out against LGBT people

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 A week before the pride, an Israeli magazine spoke out against LGBT people

Right Channel 14 announced on Monday a new issue of the magazine, the cover of which depicts people worshiping the rainbow “golden calf” with the headline “LGBTstan: how radical left organizations control the State of Israel with the help of the LGBT religion.”

Aguda — Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel — called the cover of the magazine “a dangerous incitement containing nothing but hate for the sake of hate.”

“It's just hating people because of who they are, because of their identity. It's not “because of the parades” or equal rights. This is a hatred that was terrible even when LGBT people were hiding deep in the closet out of fear for their lives. We will no longer hide, & ndash; said the head of "Meretz" Nitzan Horowitz in response to the magazine's cover.

The cover of the magazine appeared shortly before the Pride, which is due to take place in Jerusalem on June 2.

A week earlier, Aguda announced that the planned pride march in Netivot LGBTQ+ will not take place.

The Pride was canceled after one organizer's mother's office door was shot at and another organizer's family car was vandalized. A local residents' petition against the Pride received over 4,800 signatures, and a number of local rabbis publicly opposed it.

In 2021, 2,971 incidents of LGBTQ-related hate and violence were reported in Israel, the highest ever indicator since 2013. This figure is up 10% from 2020 and means that, on average, a case of LGBTQ phobia is reported about every three hours.

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