A week before the attack: a car of terrorists was seen near Ariel

 A week before the attack: a car of terrorists was seen near Ariel

A week ago, Israeli resident S. saw a car driven by terrorists who carried out a deadly attack at the entrance to Ariel on Friday night.

About This was reported by an eyewitness to Elisha Ben Kimon on Ynet.

According to S., the car was moving against the direction of traffic on Highway 5 towards Ariel, and he reported this to the police. On Friday evening, April 29, after seeing in reports of the attack, the number of the terrorists' car, he realized that it was the same car that he had warned about a week earlier.

“I was in the car with my wife and children, and suddenly I saw a blue car, who was driving in a lane parallel to me, against the direction of travel, towards Ariel, next to the concrete separating the lanes. He was driving at a speed of about 100 km/h, endangering other vehicles,” says S.

The eyewitness continued: “I cannot say that the attack would have been prevented if the police had caught them back then, but I felt like they didn't pay much attention to us. I feel like they didn't even send a patrol car on my call to see what's going on with this car. Maybe a week ago they tried to ram the checkpoint and didn't succeed, it's impossible to find out.”

Recall that two terrorists shot at a 23-year-old guard who covered his colleague and fiancee with his body. The terrorists escaped but were captured by Israeli security forces about 20 hours after the attack.

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