A venereal disease transmitted by kissing

Это венерическое заболевание передается при поцелуях

As it turned out, the usual kissing can present hidden dangers. There is a risk of catching the same disease sex, as in sex – gonorrhea, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the channel 24.

Australian researchers have found that kissing can be hazardous to health. The fact is that during the so-called French kiss one partner can infect another with gonorrhea, it tells the researcher Eric Chow from Monash University.

The influence of sexual orientation
In the experiment, which was attended by bisexual men and gay were able to determine that sexual orientation and gender have no meaning – so in danger, and partners of heterosexual couples.

Kissing is much more risky than was commonly believed. Health surveillance 3677 males showed that the sex and kissing was associated with a risk of transmission of gonorrhea.

How to protect yourself
Disease and found those who only kissed. Among those who practiced sex and kissing, there were those who used a condom to prevent infection of oral GeneraI failed. The researchers plan to conduct clinical trials to determine whether the use of mouthwash to reduce the risk of transmission.

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It should be noted that gonorrhea is becoming more difficult to treat, the fact that its causative agent is resistant to most antibiotics and thus progresses in supergeneral.

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