A three-year-old boy was shot dead in Israel: Bar-Lev made a promise

A three-year-old boy was shot in Israel: Bar Lion made a promise

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In the afternoon, on January 6, a three-year-old boy died of his wounds as a result of a shootout in the village of Bir al-Maqsoor.

According to Israeli media, the child was fatally wounded on the playground near the school.

He was taken to the Rambam hospital, but doctors were forced to diagnose the baby's death. Police are investigating whether the child was injured by a “ stray bullet. ''

Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev promised that law enforcement agencies will do everything possible to punish the criminals who killed the child.

& quot; My heart breaks at the news of the murder of a three-year-old child. We will fight the crime and violence that are ruthlessly harming the Arab sector. We will not rest until the militants are brought to justice '', & ndash; he summed up.

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