A third of the world's population is still unvaccinated

 A third of the world's population is still unvaccinated

Despite the fact that COVID-19 is still dangerous for humans, coronavirus infection is already perceived by mankind as a variant of the norm. The main role in reducing the risk of complications of COVID-19 is played by the vaccine, which has already become the new normal for Western countries, however, the situation with vaccination in the world varies.

There are still opponents of vaccination in the world who, by virtue of their prejudices refuse to undergo the procedure, and in several countries of the world there is no direct access to these drugs at all.

According to the World Health Organization, today a third of the world still remains unvaccinated.

According to Nature, every tenth person in poor countries is not vaccinated. The main problem is the lack of a global supply of vaccines. Also, in countries with poorly developed health systems, there are problems with the planning and implementation of vaccination programs.

Due to the current situation in the world, the White House intends to hold another global summit dedicated to coronavirus infection in order to reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by it. The White House believes this issue should be given the highest priority.

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