A terrible tragedy occurred with tourists on the river. details

Жуткая трагедия произошла с туристами на реке: есть жертвы, подробности

In the Stolin district overturned airboat with tourists on Board, killing two

This was reported by the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

It became known that on 11 February 9 residents of Stolin district went to the Board of aeropittura, who was to deliver them to the Pripyat river at the tourist camp.

In addition to holidaymakers, in a vehicle attended by two representatives of the travel Agency.

According to preliminary information, during the withdrawal from the shore on the ice, when turning, the ship rolled over and broke the ice, creating a hole 6-8 meters wide, which fell 3, and the remaining 8 were left on the ice.

Жуткая трагедия произошла с туристами на реке: есть жертвы, подробности

Those who remained on the ice, managed to pull out from water of two people. They were immediately handed over to the arrived physicians. The doctors stated the death of one of the rescued, a 46-year-old male, the second is 38-year — old was taken to the intensive care unit of district hospital. The search for the third man, 39-year-old man, still not finished.

The investigative Committee has decided to initiate proceedings against 38-year-old worker, who sat at the helm of aerolister.

Жуткая трагедия произошла с туристами на реке: есть жертвы, подробности

Earlier it was reported that new evidence has recently emerged about the tragedy near the Kerch Strait.

As we previously reported, yesterday off the coast of Ukraine there was a terrible emergency: a sudden lit up the vessel, on Board which were people.

Originally appeared information that at the entrance to the Kerch Strait in international waters on fire tanker. Once the emergency arrived a few ships, it became known that the tragedy occurred during the pass of a cargo from one vessel to another. In a press-service of the occupation of Rosmorrechflot, said that the chances to find survivors in case of fire on ships in the Black sea left. “As of six this morning, the operation moved from rescue to the search for lack of hope of finding anyone alive”, — said the press service of the Ministry, controlled by the occupation forces.

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It is also reported that as a result of emergency off the coast of Ukraine killed 10 sailors, 12 people were rescued, 10 missing.

Sailors who were rescued, were taken to Kerch hospital with hypothermia of the body. The Crimean mass media, controlled by the occupiers, saying that the ship, which caught fire in the explosion, went to the bottom.

Recall that in the Lviv region, near the S. Ridge of the Zhovkva district in an accident hit by a truck.

Yet it was reported that in Lviv, in the lake while bathing in drowned 50-year-old citizen of Lviv.

In addition, it was reported that the pool capital of the fitness center of the drowned man.

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