A terrible explosion occurred in the center of the city: among the victims of child

Страшный взрыв прогремел в центре города: среди жертв ребенок

After the explosion the building was completely burned

In the French city, a massive explosion. Has not done without victims.

In Lyon the night in one of the city bakeries, a massive explosion. The fire immediately engulfed the entire building. The French press reports that there are casualties. Died from the fire woman, and child.

Страшный взрыв прогремел в центре города: среди жертв ребенок

There are the victims of the explosion and fire. People doctors were urgently admitted to the hospital.

According to local reporters, the explosion occurred on the ground floor of the building, where the bakery. What was the cause of the explosion is not yet known. Firefighters managed to cope with fire.

Note that not so long ago, namely on September 17, Lyon was already shaken by the explosions. In the local University they occurred several. Also started a fire that quickly engulfed the building. Students and teachers were evacuated.

As wrote the French press, the epicenter of the explosion was repaired, the roof of the building of the institution. There was a gas cylinders which exploded and started a terrible fire. In this incident there is three victims.

Страшный взрыв прогремел в центре города: среди жертв ребенок

Shortly before this misfortune befell the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The night before, there on the sixth floor of a residential building explosion. Several apartments demolished by the blast. Also in the house were damaged walls, floors and Elevator shaft.

Страшный взрыв прогремел в центре города: среди жертв ребенок

Unfortunately, there have been deaths. From the received traumas on a place three people died. Doctors were powerless, and were unable to save 4-year-old kid. The child died in a medical facility. Eight victims were hospitalized, six of them minors.

In Georgia was mourning. Half-masted flags on all state buildings and diplomatic missions of Georgia.

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Residents in the tragedy, blamed the negligence of the employees of a local company “KazTransGas”. People said that the smell of gas they felt shortly before the explosion and immediately called experts. Employees of the gas company arrived at the address, looked around, but no action, they say, residents of the house where the explosion occurred, not taken.

And just a couple of hours after the gasman left in the house and there was a powerful explosion.

We will remind, in new York, blew up the legendary bridge, the time of the fall was caught on video.

As reported Politeka, a powerful explosion occurred in Russia, the sky grew a “mushroom”.

Also Politeka wrote that the new explosion in a Russian apartment building, there are victims.

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