A terrible accident killed the children, 5 dead: “mom made a fatal mistake”

Страшное ДТП убило детей, 5 погибших: "мама сделала роковую ошибку"

After a frontal collision in an accident on a busy highway has died five people

On 20 February there was a terrible accident, the victims of which became the whole family. The details of the car accident told in a press-service regional UMVD.

As reported by law enforcement authorities, 32-year-old woman drove a Toyota Camry. In salon also there were her husband and two children. Avtoledi made a fatal mistake, lost control and brought the car into the lane of oncoming traffic, which at the time was a truck Scania. In the result of a frontal collision the car literally crushed under the cab of the Peterbilt.

Страшное ДТП убило детей, 5 погибших: "мама сделала роковую ошибку"

In the result of a terrible accident on the highway Chita — Irkutsk in the Baikal region killed the driver of the Toyota Camry and three passengers, including two children. Now the police establish their age and identity are established. The truck driver and husband of the deceased woman managed to survive. Soon, however, the head of the family died in hospital
Hiloksky area.

Local police opened a criminal case for causing death of two and more persons due to the violation of traffic rules negligence. Law enforcement authorities intend to establish all circumstances of the accident. They recommend a proper forensic examination.

New details of the disaster to the Russian media said the eyewitness. According to him, the accident occurred around 14:30 between the city Khilok and the village of Zhipkhegen. The car was rooms of the Republic of Buryatia.

Страшное ДТП убило детей, 5 погибших: "мама сделала роковую ошибку"

“In the car were two women, two men and two children. At least four were killed, including the driver and children. The truck nearly took out the front wheel, the whole car blew up. The witnesses of their ropes trying to pull apart the machine to help people. One passenger — a man — a living, trapped in the metal. Arrived at the scene an ambulance and the rescuers”, — told the witness of road accident.

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On February 19 a Terrible accident occurred on the 999 kilometer of the highway M-4 “don” in the Rostov region. The bus was carrying 14 Russians from Rostov to Millerovo, when it came under triple blow. Suddenly, a minibus collided with two cars, which led to tragic accidents. Details media said representatives of the emergency services.

For some unknown reason, until she rammed KAMAZ road service under the settlement of the Mine. In addition, injured passenger car Hyundai Elantra. As a result of incident six persons died, who were in salon of the minibus. The minibus from blow smashed and badly crushed in the front. 7 people required urgent medical care. It quickly received the medical team arrived at the scene of the accident.

We will remind, large road accident in Kiev, people carrying “fast”.

As reported Politeka, Olga Bogomolets crashed in an accident: details and footage of the accident.

Also Politeka wrote as spirtovoj crashed in an accident and overturned: “local with buckets arranged a feast.”

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