A teenager robbed Israelis of 100,000 shekels

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 A teenager robbed Israelis of 100,000 shekels

A 15-year-old teenager from Beit Shemesh was caught for credit card fraud. The guy and his three friends were able to write off about 100 thousand shekels from the cards of the Israelis.

It is reported that the police released the suspects on restrictive conditions due to the fact that they had not yet reached the age of majority.

It is known that scammers called their victims and pretended to be employees of a credit company or a mobile phone and asked for a code sent to their mobile phone.

The teenager spent the money received in this way on gadgets, clothes and expensive beverages. The police could not catch the scammer for a long time, because he was shopping all over the country.

The police once again reminded Israelis not to give their credit details to strangers.

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