A taxi driver decapitated 6-year-old child: “finished in front of mother”

Таксист обезглавил 6-летнего ребенка: "расправился на глазах у матери"

Heinous crime shocked even law enforcement officers

It is reported that the murder occurred in front of his mother.

According to media reports, the militiaman tried to prevent the killing of the child, but to no avail.

Таксист обезглавил 6-летнего ребенка: "расправился на глазах у матери"

It is known that a heinous crime occurred in Saudi Arabia. In the Muslim Holy city of Medina taxi driver killed 6-year-old child on the grounds of religious hatred.

As noted, the driver in advance asked on their way to the Mosque of the prophet Muhammad women, whether it is seidou. After receiving a positive response, he stopped the vehicle, pulled out of him, despite the cries of the passenger, Zakaria al-Jaber, and slit the boy’s throat with a broken bottle.

In a fit of rage, a taxi driver struck a 6-year-old kid several wounds and almost separated the head from the body. According to local media, the crime occurred in front of his mother. Near the place of incident was a police and he tried to prevent a religious fanatic, but to no avail.

It is also known that the assailant was arrested at the scene. According to unconfirmed reports, the man suffered from a mental disorder.

Таксист обезглавил 6-летнего ребенка: "расправился на глазах у матери"

Previously, we reported that on 8 February in Kiev, the police asked the mother of the inadequate men who told her son with a knife stabbed his stepfather and fled in an unknown direction. The security forces managed to establish that on the eve of the 25-year-old man came home drunk and brought the bike.

According to the mother, the son had behaved inappropriately, and then grabbed a knife and stabbed the elderly man hit in the chest. In a course quickly-search actions, law enforcers discovered a new fact of his crime.

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In particular, employees of one of the stores said that inadequate man, threatening with a metal pipe, took from the shelf a bottle of vodka and fled in an unknown direction.

Recall, teenagers severely beat a friend in Zhytomyr: the massacre was caught on video.

As reported Politeka, mother stabbed daughter and himself from a grave illness.

Also Politeka wrote that the massacre in Kiev was stunned by the cruelty.

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