A tan in winter can cost lives: who is strictly forbidden Solarium

Загар зимой может стоить жизни: кому категорически запрещен солярий

In winter, when very little sun, many are also using “artificial” suntan

How many minutes you can sunbathe in the Solarium and how to do it correctly so as not to harm health?

Benefits of Solarium

Faux tan has a therapeutic-aesthetic effect: chocolate skin always looks fresh and healthy. Tan smoothes small pimples, heals minor inflammations and sores. Thanks to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne and many other skin problems, exacerbated by early spring.

Загар зимой может стоить жизни: кому категорически запрещен солярий

The Solarium is struggling with a lack of vitamin D (calciferol), which is formed in the skin by action of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light increases the content of antibodies in the blood, which increases immunity.

Who should not use a Solarium

In some cases, such as severe inflammation of the sebaceous glands, Solarium can not only hide skin imperfections, but even increase the rash. As with the elementary failure to comply with the recommendations of a cosmetologist you have to pay premature skin aging (photoaging), which causes the skin pigmentation, spider veins, dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity.

Загар зимой может стоить жизни: кому категорически запрещен солярий

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In the world

Photodegradation also increases the risk of melanoma – a malignant tumor of the skin. Particularly susceptible to this danger are people who have very light color skin, blond and red hair (the so-called 1st phototype); suffered severe sunburn, especially in childhood; have a raised birthmark greater than 1 cm, numerous moles (more than 100); have family members suffering from melanoma.

The Solarium is absolutely contraindicated for those who have serious problems with the cardiovascular system, the active form of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, diseases of the blood, increased thyroid function, tumors, varicose veins (or predisposition), acute vospalitelnaya processes.

Solarium is not worth visiting for pregnant women, people with fever, those who are taking antibiotics, hormonal medications, psychotropic and diuretic. Also do not run to sunbathe after visiting the bath, pool or sauna.

How to safely sunbathe

If using a tanning bed properly, its harm to health will be minimal. Going tanning for the first time, remember that the duration of the session should not exceed five minutes. Then you can increase the time to eight to ten minutes.

Ask the staff of the salon the last time I replaced in the tanning bed bulbs. Old lamp with term of work more than 800 hours will make the sun weak and uneven.

Загар зимой может стоить жизни: кому категорически запрещен солярий

Before the session take a shower without soap and remove all makeup. Do not use perfume or toilet water, and alcohol LastName. Protect eyes, hair and chest.

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