A surprise that the leaders of the Lion's Den did not expect

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 A surprise that the leaders of the Lion's Den did not expect

Israeli TV channel 12 reports that the decision to start the night operation was made last Thursday, when Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with Shabak head Ronen Bar – and agreed with him a series of operations.

According to Palestinian reports, one of them was the elimination of al-Hilani, after which the Shin Bet realized that the behavior of the “Lion's Den” there have been changes. The security service realized that all the main operatives of the organization were hiding in the same apartment in the Kasbah, this was due to fears that they would be liquidated, as well as the fact that they could protect each other.

The Shin Bet knew how to pinpoint the exact location of the terrorists and the fact that an explosives laboratory was also located there, indicating that Israel had accurate intelligence. During the night, a decision was made to start the operation, which was controlled from the headquarters of the Shin Bet, in which the head of the Shin Bet and the chief of the General Staff, Aviv Kochavi, watched everything very carefully.

The operation consisted of several stages. The soldiers managed to enter the Kasbah without attracting attention, surround the secret shelter apartment and “seal” nearby territory. YAMAM and a Shin Bet task force went inside, while the Givati ​​patrol, friends of Sergeant Ido Baruch, who had been killed by the Lion's Den, isolated the area.

After the forces entered there and surrounded the apartment, a heavy firefight ensued. According to Palestinian reports, five terrorists from the Lion's Den were killed in the shootout, one of them was a high-ranking member of the Al-Hawh organization. In order not to endanger their own people, rockets were fired from the ground at the terrorists' hideout.

The withdrawal of soldiers and operatives from the Kasbah was no less difficult. At the end of the event, the soldiers created a safe corridor that allowed them to safely withdraw all the participants of the action.

With this action, the security service wanted to convey a clear message: there are no cities of refuge for terrorists, we will get anywhere. The security system showed that they could infiltrate the organization from an intelligence point of view: the terrorists did not expect Israel to reach the apartment where high-ranking commanders were hiding. In addition, Israel wants to send a deterrent signal and signal to Jenin and the militants who operate there.

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