A successful future for the children of new immigrants and all-all-all …

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 A successful future for children of new immigrants and all-all-all…

Moving to another country – always shock and shock. Even if you were going and preparing, and even if it happened all of a sudden… In the last 4 months alone, 25,000 new repatriates came to Israel, many of which – children. And if adults are still used to facing difficulties, then children have a very hard time. Especially at first, when their parents have to spend all their energy on overcoming all sorts of difficulties in a new country.

 Successful future for children of new immigrants and all-all-all…

It is in this situation that additional assistance from Israeli youth organizations is especially important. Many of them have their own uniform, but it doesn't look like an army at all. Others wear ties, but they are not pioneers, and they are not even always Scouts. Forget everything you knew before and don't try to play associations. Here everything else – language, mentality, sun, trees. and youth movements.
For more than 100 years, the Ha-Noar ha-oved ve lomed organization has been operating in Israel. This is a pan-Israeli movement that unites young people of all ages and social statuses, without distinction as to origin or whether a child was born in the country or immigrated just yesterday.

 A successful future for the children of new immigrants and all-all-all…

What gets your a child in an organization?

1. Social and communication skills: communication in a team and with a team, speaking to an audience, defending one's opinion and conducting reasoned discussions. Pupils learn to talk about the current problems of our society, which they would like to solve in the future. There are no such subjects at school, but they help a lot in life. 2. Studying the cultural foundations of your people, for example, the history of all holidays throughout the year. 3. Joint trips and excursions during the school holidays. All events are held with the permission and support of the Ministry of Education. 4. Participation in the youth movement gives advantages in the future “adult” life. Very often, Israeli employers ask the applicant if he was a member of any youth organization. 5. Those wishing to continue working in the movement are given the opportunity to become instructors. 6. And, of course, children find real friends and a lot of impressions for life! Together, the guys learn what friendship is, helping their neighbor, cultivate a sense of responsibility, belonging, learn to be more confident in themselves, make decisions, communicate with peers face to face, and not virtually. The guys learn all this during classes, discussions, simulations of practical situations and games.
In Israel, it is very important to have connections with friends and acquaintances that may be needed when applying for a job, to provide recommendations and just to get support. This is not the “blat” that we remember from the country of origin, but something no less important, only with the “+” sign.

 A successful future for children of new immigrants and all-all-all…

Important! Since new immigrants most often do not suffer from excess funds, while they receive the absorption basket, children can participate in the activities of the movement for free!
And right now you, parents, have the opportunity to help your children and give them a start in a new country!
"a-Noar a-oved ve a-lomed" now offers a summer program for children:

Summer camps for students in grades 4-8 in July-August in the forest of Kfar Hahoresh! Spend 3-4 days in the forest in the north – it is an unforgettable experience for any child, especially in a new country. The camp is equipped with showers, toilets, security, a first-aid post and a canteen.

 A successful future for new immigrant children and all-all-all…

Link to enroll in the program https://noal.org.il/mahane/
Two-week summer camps in the community for students in grades 4-8. Each day will be dedicated to a separate topic, the camp program combines communication, learning Hebrew, getting to know the state of Israel, visiting sights, going to the pool and much more!
Make your child's summer knowable and unforgettable – enroll now

 A successful future for the children of new immigrants and all-all-all…

Leadership and Hebrew courses in July for graduates of grades 9-10. Here, a teenager will be able to raise the level of Hebrew and acquire leadership skills, learn to navigate the terrain, make new friends among local children and new repatriates. At the end of the course, an instructor certificate («madriha») is issued from the Ministry of Education for subsequent work in children's camps. Courses are taught by both Hebrew-speaking and Russian-speaking counselors, so there will be no language barrier, even if you arrived recently. The courses will take place in the forest of Kfar HaHoresh in the north, in a permanent camp of the organization, which meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Safety and Health. What is called nature, but with all the amenities. Dates of the course: 31.07-03.08. The city of your residence is unimportant, transportation to the course venue from anywhere in the country will be arranged.
Hurry up to sign up – Seats are limited!
“Rhapsody” – camp on the water for graduates of 11 classes. A real scouting adventure! For 3 days, the children will build a raft on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee, and then go on a short but long water trip for the whole day. The event will take place from 25 to 28 July.
Sign up now – give your child a real water adventure!

As mentioned before, for new immigrants receiving « absorption basket”, all activities are completely free (!). For the rest, there is the possibility of significant subsidies for payment. Main – have time to sign up.

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