A stern landlord had become famous all over the world

Суровый арендодатель прославился на весь мир

The landlord made up a whole list of prohibitions.

Martirosyana Jessica of Martini published a list of requirements that put her the landlord, and placed it in one of the groups in Facebook, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

Several points made by network users to think about how and whether Martini to enter in this housing. The owner wrote that the apartment is under video surveillance. In addition, according to the rules, the girl could not cook a meal from 21:30 until 6:00 on weekdays and from 21:30 until 9:30 on weekends.

Martini was denied the right to bring guests.

In addition, during operation of the air conditioner or heating it to open the Windows if you feel cold, do not include the additional heater due to fire hazard.

Users protested the lessor and have advised Martini not agree to his terms.

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