A spiritual leader from Uganda accidentally married my husband

Духовний керівник з Уганди випадково одружився з чоловіком

The Imam was married to a man, but didn’t know it

The Imam from Uganda didn’t got married with her husband until his “favorite” not caught stealing. This pious Muslim is not expected!

The spiritual guide Muhammad Mutumba with Ugambi the end of 2019 met in the mosque with the woman who conquered his heart. Beauty in the name Tumushabe was very devout, so it wasn’t too long, like a couple married.

Note that, according to tradition, the groom should bring gifts to relatives. In the case of the main character of this story, he sent two bags of sugar, clothes, two goats and even the Koran. And the wedding was in full Muslim format. The wife of Muhammad, even after marriage, refused any sexual relations. Oddly enough, the man didn’t suspect that something is wrong, because Tumushabe recently, spoke a female voice, and wore false Breasts.

Духовний керівник з Уганди випадково одружився з чоловіком


It seems that this deception would never have been revealed if the con man in the image of women decided to Rob one night neighbors. He was caught and put behind bars, where he managed to uncover the real identity and the mysterious gender of the beloved Imam.

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