A soldier wounded in the Binyamin area: “I miraculously survived”

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 A soldier wounded in the Binyamin area:

An IDF soldier who was attacked by a terrorist with a hammer last night spoke about the attack.

“He held the hammer to my temple . I miraculously survived. He also had a knife in his bag,” the soldier said, KAN reported.

The soldier said, “If I had passed out from the hammer and been stabbed, no one would have known where I was.” ;.

As a result of the attack, the soldier was slightly wounded in the face and received medical assistance.

The attack took place near the Palestinian village of Baytin, located northeast of Ramallah in the Binyamin area. The soldier opened fire on the terrorist and eliminated him.

The IDF said of the incident: “The quick reaction of the soldier, who came to his senses within seconds of being attacked with a hammer, prevented a serious attack that could have ended him death".

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