A snow storm has covered the country: “the people were in captivity, there’s no way out”

Снежный шторм накрыл страну: «люди оказались в плену, выбраться невозможно»

A real snow storm covered the country after the anomalous warming

Weather anomalies affected residents of neighboring Ukraine, Romania.

A week ago, local residents were enjoying a temperature of 17 degrees. And now suffer from snowfall and powerful the wind, the speed of which exceeds 100 kilometers per hour.

“The storm has caught tourists in mountain areas, roads covered with snow, so to get out of there impossible. In captivity was not only cars, but also heavy machinery, which tried to clear the road. In the mountainous regions declared a yellow level weather risk”, — is reported.

Снежный шторм накрыл страну: «люди оказались в плену, выбраться невозможно»

Recall, January 30 in the capital of Romania due to storms and icy rain fell 2 thousand trees and injured about fifty people.

Note, from the weather got and the Ukraine. As of the morning of 13 February as a result of complications of weather conditions (rain, sleet and gusts) are de-energized 188 settlements in six areas, reported the press service of the state service for emergency situations of Ukraine.

Without electricity and electricians are sitting residents of the 74 settlements in Cherkasy region, 69 in Kyiv, 18 — in Chernihiv, 15 — Sumy, 8 — in Kirovohrad and 4 in Dnipropetrovsk, rescuers inform.

Regional power crews are repairing the broken power line to restore electricity in the affected villages.

At the same time, forecasters say that conditions today will shape the cold Arctic air. He will bring a slight decrease in temperature in all regions of the country. Feb 13, in Ukraine, the cold weather will return, however, the temperature has fallen below zero only at night in most areas -1-3 frost.

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Day today, all thermometers will rise above the mark “0” degrees — the highest temperatures will be in the Crimea, to 6, other regions — + 1-3 heat.

Снежный шторм накрыл страну: «люди оказались в плену, выбраться невозможно»

Weather in Ukraine on 13 February due to the lower air temperature will be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians — weather forecasters warn about the increase of ice on the roads of the country. In the Carpathians will remain a significant snow avalanche danger (level 3). The wind on 13 February will be North-West, speed 7 to 13 m/s.

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