A simple way to sew a mask his hands: a short video

Простий спосіб зшити захисну маску власноруч: коротка відеоінструкція

Prevention of coronavirus is a very important to stop the spread of COVID-19. And wearing masks is one of the main preventive measures. So show how I made the helmet with his hands. Keep the video simple not to lose.

The best option – if you buy a medical mask at the pharmacy. But the demand for these products is now quite high, so not always possible to find a protective mask. There is a solution. It’s easy to make a mask yourself.

For this you will need a square piece of thick cotton or linen with sides 45 cm, and two elastic bands length-18 cm Fold the fabric in half and assemble an accordion, as shown in the video. Edges bend, and fix manually or stitch on the sewing machine. Thread the rubber bands and tie their knot. Ready.

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