A series of fatal accidents in Jerusalem with Chinese-made buses

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 A series of fatal accidents in Jerusalem with Chinese-made buses

Four people died in several fatal accidents in the Jerusalem area at the end of the week.

In one case, a 7-year-old girl, her 3-year-old sister and their pregnant woman died mother. The bus, which was not in the cab of the driver, suddenly went and crashed into a store in the Romema quarter. The driver at this time was unloading tools from the trunk to repair the damage. The driver rushed after the bus and shouted to those around him, trying to warn them of the danger.

The day before, the Egged bus lost control, broke through an iron fence between the lanes of the road, drove into the oncoming line and sidewalk, knocked down a 70-year-old pedestrian to death and crashed into a building under construction, which led to its partial collapse. The driver was seriously injured.

On July 18, an Afikim bus overturned on Highway 1. There were more than 40 pensioners on the bus. Only miraculously people escaped with minor injuries.

All three buses in the described incidents were made in China. Two years ago, bus drivers warned about the low quality of Chinese buses and about problems with driving on narrow and mountainous roads, according to the walla portal.

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