A robot with realistic facial expressions was assembled in Britain

A robot with realistic facial expressions has been assembled in Britain

British engineers have built a robot with realistic facial expressions. The android was named Ameca and presented to the general public.

Ameca reproduces not only facial expressions, but also human gestures. The video demonstrates how the robot wakes up, examines its hands in surprise, rejoices in the environment. The invention has complex facial expressions. He can wrinkle his forehead, raise his eyebrows, and when he smiles, dimples appear on his cheeks.

Subscribers to the account in which the video was published were scared by the car. They gloomily predicted the imminent appearance of the Terminator and the enslavement of man by machines.

However, the inventors reassured – except to show emotions, Ameca can do nothing. There is no artificial intelligence. Even his facial expressions are controlled by a third-party computer. Now scientists will teach their android to walk. This, in their opinion, will take up to three years, writes time.news.

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