A revolutionary method of getting rid of headaches

The Indian doctors under the guidance of Dr. Anson Jose has proven that migraines can be cured with surgical intervention. As noted by The Times of India. An experiment was conducted involving 30 patients who survived surgery in the treatment of neurovascular disease (was severe pain on one side of the head).

14 (46,7%) of 30 patients fully get rid of headaches, and as many said to alleviate the condition. Only two of them the surgery didn’t work. Known: the surgeons removed certain muscles in the forehead and temples. These muscles compress the nearby nerve processes, causing headaches.

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On a similar principle (“off the muscle”) work Botox injections. They give at least 50% reduction in the frequency and severity of pain attacks. However, Botox is not eternal. Removal of muscles is a more effective approach. For the first time this effect is described by plastic surgeons in the 90’s. It was an unusual side effect of the operations on the facelift.


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