A resident of Zaporozhye killed his wife and tried to kill son

Житель Запорожья зарубил жену и пытался убить сына

The child was days with dead parents.

In Zaporozhye the man hacked to death his wife and trying to hang a 2-year-old son, then hung himself. This was announced by the head of Zaporizhzhya regional center of emergency medical care Konstantin Malashenko, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

Call the medics arrived today, may 31, at one of the addresses in Kommunarskiy district of Zaporozhye.

Doctors and the police were called by neighbors, who for days had heard a baby crying. According to Malashenko, the apartment found the body of a woman hacked to death, and hanged her husband.

According to preliminary data, the man committed suicide after he killed his wife. He added that the day the child was in the apartment with the dead bodies of their parents. Now with baby working doctors.

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“But that’s not all. On the neck of the child the traces of the hanging. Herod tried to put 2-year-old child. Fortunately, the child is out of danger, examined by doctors and sent to the caring hands of pediatricians,” — said Malashenko.

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