A resident of Yerevan threw grenades ex-wife and her family

Житель Еревана забросал гранатами бывшую жену и ее семью

Several people suffered gunshot wounds.

The investigative Committee of Armenia opened a criminal case on the fact of attempted murder in the village of Noramarg, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the UNN.

The tragedy occurred the day before. At about 15:25 hours on 30 may with the ambulance station received a signal that in the village of Noramarg several people suffered gunshot wounds.

According to preliminary data, about 15 hours resident of Yerevan born in 1959 bet living in the village of Noramarg ex-wife and her husband. 60-year-old man threw two grenades at his ex-wife, her husband, the household, among whom was a baby of 2015 R. the Victims were hospitalized. A criminal case under paragraphs 1 and 6 of part 2 of article 34-104. In the hospital, the current husband of the woman died from the received wounds.

Conducted investigative activities to discover the whereabouts of the alleged offender.

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Later it became known that also injured the pregnant woman.

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