A resident of Vietnam poured acid the offended groom

They received severe burns.

A resident of Vietnam, 24-year-old LAN You Le, spoke about how he received severe burns because of the acid that splashed on her fiancé. It also showed the photo with the consequences of his actions, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

She noted that in December, when she and the groom have already submitted an application and began to prepare for the wedding, she decided to break the engagement. The reason was the constant jealousy of the beloved. Several times he even laid a hand on her.

At the insistence of the young man, two families had to sit at the negotiating table to discuss it. However, on 1 January Nguyen (groom flip flops) came to her house alone and took a jar of acid.

Going to the bride’s house, he poured 750 ml of acid and threw the remains of her parents.

LAN as a result of the incident received severe burns face, hands and feet. In General, affected 46 percent of the skin.

Due to chemical burns on the skin of the girl left black spots that forced her to worry about ten transplants of skin.

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Her boyfriend was suspended from his post, and soon to begin his trial.

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