A resident of Columbia got schooled husband cheating

Жительница Колумбии знатно проучила мужа-изменщика

Passers-by didn’t expect to see such a sight.

A resident of the Colombian city of Barranquilla caught her husband Jairo Vargas in a Motel with another woman. Jairo begged the angry wife to forgive him for treason. She agreed to it only under one condition — that he is completely naked rolled through the main streets on the roof of her car. Vargas went to this humiliation to save his marriage, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

The unusual spectacle attracted the attention of passersby and drivers who were having fun and taking video of him. Jairo at the same time trying to hide your face in a towel. Traffic on the busy street came to a halt.

In the end, in case the police intervened, arresting the man for public disturbance.

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