A resident of Columbia came up with a creative vengeance of a jilted husband. Video

Жительница Колумбии придумала креативную месть неверному мужу. Видео

The man went on a desperate measure for the forgiveness of his wife.

In the Colombian city of Barranquilla wife caught husband cheating when he was with his mistress at the hotel. The woman decided to creatively take revenge on the husband, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the channel 24.

An angry wife said she might forgive her husband cheating only if he stripped naked, lay down on the roof of her car, and let him bring in for the city.

The man was very ashamed of the affair, and he decided to agree even on such conditions. The unusual spectacle was observed by many people who removed a naked traitor to the phones.

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As a result, police have arrested a man for violation of public order. Did the traitor forgiveness wife is unknown.

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