A repatriate, an employee of the Ichilov hospital, was stabbed to death in Holon

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 A repatriate, an employee of the Ichilov Hospital, was stabbed to death in Holon

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The Israeli media published the name of a man killed at the Eilat intersection in Holon on the evening of November 23.

Yuri Volkov, a 52-year-old resident of Bat, was killed in Holon -Pit. A friend of Volkov's family said that he and his wife went to look at an apartment in Holon, waited at the crossroads – and at the green light they began to cross the road.

photograph him. The motorcyclist saw that the woman was taking pictures, returned to her and demanded: “Bring what you took off.” Volkov asked him to continue moving – and was stabbed in the chest by a motorcyclist.

The family members were shocked by what had happened and could hardly digest the bitter news about the death of their loved one. His wife, after giving evidence to police investigators, left in tears, and one of the family members fainted.

After the murder, the assailant fled the scene of the crime. The police began searching for him, but have not yet identified the suspect.

Volkov worked for about 20 years as an orderly in the emergency department of the Ichilov hospital together with his wife. The director of the department, Ahuva Shlomo, said he was “a quiet, unassuming man, dedicated to his work, loyal to his patients.” how could this happen? I'm shocked. This is not the kind of person who will fight and use violence, this is just nonsense".

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