“A project about women in Israel for whom age does not matter”

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“Hello everyone! My name is Tanya Badanina, I am a producer, mother and grandmother of two cool kids! – so the creator of the project “Project about women in Israel for whom age does not matter” welcomes guests of his Facebook page.

Tanya Badanina – a well-known woman among Russian Israelis, she has made an excellent career, created a wonderful family, she actively speaks out on Facebook and attends many social events. But the greatest interest of many is the “secret of her youth”; and the most common question that Tanya hears is: “How do you manage to look like that?”

To answer this question to many at once and to share her experience in preserving youth, Tanya created her “Project about women in Israel…”.

Tanya was inspired to create a project about beauty by meeting a doctor aesthetic medicine specialist Sharon Ayalon. The effect of the procedures was so obvious that emotions had to be shared. So Tanya began to describe the beauty procedures she had done at the doctor's clinic in Modiin and talk online about the changes in her appearance.

In one of her last posts, Tanya talked about the new Tixel procedure.

“I am often asked what procedures I do and how often.

I answer.

I do it as needed.

I have already mentioned in my posts, about my favorite aesthetic medicine procedure Tixel!

For many women, this turned out to be a whole revelation, and I decided to dedicate a separate post to Tixel.

And yes, he really does this worthy!

Let me remind you that Tixel is “know-how” in the world of cosmetics and revolutionary technology developed by Israeli scientists.

In a word, Tixel is a completely new method of fractional anti-aging therapy using natural heating (without the use of a laser or radio waves).

And to put it even simpler, it is such a special, very targeted micropeeling that can be safely called a hit of rejuvenation 21 century!

Well, for example, you have pigment spots on your face, and in Israel you will definitely get them: just 3-4 Tixel procedures and the spots will disappear, you will see the result after the first procedure – I saw it.

At the same time, ask to have Tixel done on your neck and décolleté. Just 10-15 minutes and you will start producing your own skin collagen.

What about your hands? Tixel is the perfect rejuvenation for our hands.

Of course, I personally advise putting a cannula with a filler on our hands after Tixel, but this is already at will or on the advice of a doctor.

And also, personally, nasolabial wrinkles and small superficial lip wrinkles terribly annoy me, I'm not a smoker, but if you smoke, they will appear after 40.

Tixel is the very thing that can save you from those wrinkles without beauty injections.

Don't believe me? I myself did not believe until I tried it and realized that this was my option.

By the way, Tixel polishes stretch marks and scars after acne, and it is also used after plastic surgery to speed up the rehabilitation period.

Tixel is recommended for everyone, and especially if you sleep on your stomach, then in the morning your face is rumpled, the upper eyelids slide down, and the décolleté area looks like a crumpled sheet.

Am I right? Of course, you're right.

So, Tixel can stimulate wrinkled and wrinkled skin of the eyelids in a few sessions, and even out the crease on the chin and smooth the décolleté area, well, or sleep on your back.

I met Tixel a few years ago and it immediately became my go-to for firming skin and blemish problems.

But you know what else you should know when you decide on Tixel?
You must be completely confident in the doctor who will perform this procedure for you.

And do not think that every cosmetologist can do this .

An individual approach is important here, understanding the anatomy of the face, so as not to harm, but to improve your appearance.

Look into your doctor's eyes, make sure that he has perfect skin attentive look and if you're having “chemistry, trust and enjoy.”

I have been trusting Dr. Sharon from the medical center in Modiin for several months now. I came to remove age spots because I found out that the clinic has my favorite Tixel anti-aging device. Then I decided to treat my hair, because I got sick of these endless hair loss, and then….

In general, somehow everything began to spin, and I decided to put myself in order before the summer came, or rather, until we take off our jackets, coats and raincoats and turn into graceful beauties without age.

By the way, if you want to look younger with Tixel too, tell Dr. Sharon that you are from me and I'm sure you'll get a discount on the procedure. And let's share hardware cosmetology procedures right here, I'm sure that someone will appreciate your advice or result, but my result is right in front of you!»

Tanya is waiting for everyone on her project page, ask questions and share your experience – he is interesting to many women!

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