A powerful explosion occurred in Russia, the sky grew a “mushroom”: video and eyewitness accounts

Мощный взрыв прогремел в России, в небе вырос "гриб": видео и рассказ очевидцев

The explosion occurred at the plant in Leningrad region of Russia

About the occurred state of emergency according to eyewitnesses.

The explosion occurred at the plant “Piper” in Kingisepp.

“So rushed, we in the flat wall 5 cm lurched to the side and was back in place. In my eyes. The horror! I think, probably, the earthquake began”, — eyewitnesses of incident.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в России, в небе вырос "гриб": видео и рассказ очевидцев

It is noted that the first factory of “Piper” in one of the shops caught fire. The workers began to run out into the street – then heard the explosion.

Three people were injured in the explosion at the chemical plant in the Leningrad region. As told in the regional emergencies Ministry, people have shrapnel wounds.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в России, в небе вырос "гриб": видео и рассказ очевидцев

The corpse of a man lying in plain sight in the supermarket of Kiev: “I fell in the sweet Department”, photo

Social networks publish photos of the incident.

The plant produces chemical additives.

Earlier, a gas explosion in a nine-storey residential building in the Russian city Sotiritsa on the morning of 14 January. In the result of emergency collapsed the eighth and ninth floors of the building. From the rubble rescued seven people, five of them died.

All was destroyed four apartments — two on the ninth floor and two on the eighth. At the time of the explosion in the apartments of the entrance of the affected house was 55 employees, 43 of whom were evacuated.

According to the Russian media, events, order of scared of other Mines residents whose homes remained intact. One of the women he shared his first impressions after the explosion. She looked out from a private house on the other side of the streets, but saw nothing but dust, filling all around. According to the woman, she suggested the attack of the APU.

In the comments she has criticized her own countrymen. Users have accused Russian television in the false propaganda that incites in the citizens of the hatred of the people of Ukraine. One commenter protested the situation, forcing to consider as enemies all around.

Recall, there’s a new footage from the scene of the terrible explosion near Kiev.

As reported Politeka in the capital broke out of the shopping center, the reaction of passers amazing.

Politeka also wrote that, under the Odessa tragedy, a man died during a fire.

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