A place where Art and Business meet

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 A place where Art meets Business

Art, creativity, exhibitions, gallery – On the one side. Buyers, sales, business – with another. The debate about whether a creative person can and should also be a businessman, how art and business are connected, is endless and meaningless.

You can't say – my right leg is better than my left. You need both.

Art and business need each other. And it's not that the business earns by selling artwork. And not even about patronage. We are talking about a deeper and more important connection.

People of art help business people see the world more broadly and more multifaceted, feel it and find new approaches and new solutions in areas that seem to be far from art.

 A place where Art meets Business

Business people, in turn, help creative people understand the essence of relationships with the market, the laws of business development, simple but important technical issues without which you can get lost in the market.

Many large companies in the world market have long noted the importance of this relationship and use it to the benefit of the development of their strategies.

And it's not just about attracting artists to create advertisements. Joint projects presenting works of art at business sites. Round tables to discuss various issues at the intersection of these two areas. Joint conferences and other educational forms.

Art helps businesses to see and feel the world. Encourages new ideas. And business, in turn, helps to expand opportunities and platforms for implementation.

The creative association FUNARTCommUNITY started the project “Art and Business” a few years ago. Within the framework of this project, in 2017 two festivals “Success, Creativity, Love” were successfully held. It was this project that became the basis for the Annual FUN EXPO Exhibition, held by the association at the largest exhibition site in the country EXPOTLV (Ganei Taarukha). In the tasks of the Annual All-Israeli Exhibition FUNEXPO– representation of many artists and masters of various directions by organizations, enterprises, business people precisely for the purpose of establishing connections and interaction. Decorate offices, hotels, houses, offer master classes or days of rest, offer exclusive products for gifts.

In 2023, the association will reach a new level with new offers.

 A place where Art meets Business

< br /> The new large Association Gallery will become not only a center of art. But the center where art and business meet.

The new Gallery has two co-owners. Two women united to create a space where art and business do not argue, but thrive through interaction.

Irina Finkinshtein has been in business all her life. And her business has always been associated with people, with services, and therefore with the way they live, what they want, what is in demand. But art has always attracted her.

– The design of apartments, style, products are really unique in their nature, – says Irina, – this is what creates our mood and pushes us to new projects. It is important that the house is filled with beauty. And to reflect the character of a person. And it is important that artists also understand and feel the market, the people for whom they create their products.

Mary Prager. Founder of the FUNARTCommUNITY association, initiator and architect of all association projects for almost 10 years. And in each project, from the very beginning of the association, she focuses exhibitions and festivals precisely on buyers. How to present art in such a way that it is understood how paintings, arts and crafts, dolls, books, designer products can change lives.

– I have been following the idea of ​​combining art and business for many years. And I am sure that this is a wonderful union, necessary for both sides. And now it's time to fully realize the long-cherished project.

On the basis of the New Grand Gallery, in addition to exhibitions and festivals, the “Art and Business” club will be opened, in which meetings of creative people and people from the business world are planned, joint art evenings, where businessmen will try their hand at creating paintings or other creative directions. Planned and conferences where creative people will try themselves as businessmen. And also on the basis of the club there will be networking meetings, consultations on business, advertising and many other important points.

and festivals, and many workshops, creative meetings.

A new large FUNARTCommUNITY Gallery will open on March 15 in a beautiful place in Jaffa, at the intersection of Sderot Yerushalayim and Derech Salami. The historical site of Hatzrot Yafo. And probably not by chance, on the one hand, there are all banks and many offices, and on the other – cafes, restaurants, theater Gesher. The place itself speaks of the union of art and business.

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