A place for the mafia

A place for the mafia

We haven't heard anything about the Russian mafia for a long time. And so the police announced the triumphant end of Operation Nikita: 16 people were detained in Ashdod, suspected of trafficking in arms and drugs, racketeering and violence, and one of them, Mikhail Tansky, was called the “ head of the Russian mafia in Israel. '' Among those arrested were members of Georgian and Bedouin gangs, as well as the Arab criminal clan Jarushi, but it was the expression “ Russian mafia '' (as an option: “ Russian criminal group '') hit the headlines of the Israeli media, and, as is typical, Russian-speaking.

“ Russians '' the media in Israel generally write about crime more often in “ their own '' environment, and this is understandable: their reader is more interested in what is happening in our diaspora. On the other hand, the same reader sometimes gets the feeling that there is no other mafia in Israel.

In fact, more or less organized crime existed in the Jewish state from its earliest days and even earlier. It can be assumed that at first she was predominantly “ Russian '', like the entire population of the country. In one of the old Israeli films, the main bandit even hums a Russian folk song.

Since then, the ranks of offenders have grown from a wide variety of countries, not least locals. But only recently in Israel started talking seriously about the problem of Arab and Bedouin crime & ndash; it was not customary to mention her before, so as not to deserve accusations of racism. Mafia families of indigenous Jewish Israelis, on the other hand, have been so well known for a long time, right down to the articles devoted to them on Wikipedia, that they even acquired a certain respectable image.

In general, judging by the publications of the early 90s, Israeli crime was always harmless and tame, until the Great Mafia fell upon the country … that is, excuse me, Big Aliyah. Moreover, according to the number of printed materials on this topic and their panic tone, one could conclude that aliyah is 90% criminals. This is exactly what many Israelis, accustomed to trusting their journalists, sincerely believed.

Now the same journalists state that after the heyday of the 90s, the Russian mafia for some unknown reason reduced its activity -; Or maybe the public is just tired of reading monotonous fabrications on the topic of “ Russian thieves and prostitutes ''? But recently, she has returned and began to violently squeeze out local criminals from their well-established markets for drug trafficking, racketeering and arms trade.

One of the main objects of redistribution is Ashdod, where new Russian mafiosi are fighting Georgian groups and the Beni Shlomo clan. Armed showdowns with victims on both sides are becoming more frequent. Local bandits receive help from the north of the country, the “ Russians '' recruiting mercenaries in the countries of the former USSR. The level of crime in the city is constantly growing, more and more weapons and “ dirty '' ones accumulate in it. money.

All this is very serious and poses a danger to the residents of Ashdod, their lives and well-being. There is no doubt that the Russian-speaking bandits operating in Ashdod are cynical and cruel criminals, crooks, thieves and murderers. But why both the media and the police constantly emphasize that of all the groups, it is the “ Russian mafia '' & ndash; the main problem of the Israeli criminal world? It seems that with the rest of the offenders
of the law, Israeli society could somehow get along, but the “ Russians '' who are at war with them are a real threat and should be especially feared. And gullible citizens, of course, immediately begin to look at their Russian-speaking neighbors with fear and distrust, as it was at the dawn of the Great Aliyah.

But it seems that the Russian mafia in Israel is not so afraid, since about it write and speak at all angles. For comparison, when one journalist was writing an article about the Jarushi crime family, no one wanted to talk to him for fear of revenge. Therefore, we know almost nothing about the Arab crime families and
Bedouins, Georgian, Latin American and other groups. But everyone has heard about the great and terrible Russian mafia. And if thirty years ago almost every “ olim mi-Rusiya '' was suspected of belonging to the underworld, today, as the media explain to us, real thieves in law come from the former USSR, “ fleeing from the regime. '' />
In fact, these bandits, really cruel and dangerous, do not escape from anyone, they are just looking for a place where they will feel at ease. Today Israel has become this place. If there was no developed criminal network here, if the police seriously controlled the situation and did not turn a blind eye to the criminal situation, & ndash; Russian thieves would find a more suitable refuge for themselves. The fact that the Russian underworld has chosen Israel as its new base is a very disturbing signal for the Jewish state. The law enforcement system needs to focus on combating crime in general, rather than focusing on a particular community.

Author: Ira Kogan.

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