A pedestrian bridge collapsed in rush hour, a lot of victims details and 18 frames

Пешеходный мост обрушился в «час пик», много жертв: подробности и кадры 18+

A terrible tragedy with loss of life occurred in the Indian city of Mumbai

There is not far from the crowded station collapsed pedestrian bridge.

The overpass suddenly collapsed plate. And it happened at rush hour when the bridge had a lot of passers-by. Unfortunately, not without casualties. Killed five people, injured 35, some people are in very serious condition.

Пешеходный мост обрушился в «час пик», много жертв: подробности и кадры 18+

At the scene immediately rushed the emergency services. Some victims were trapped and needed time to retrieve wounded people.

The state of Maharashtra, where the tragedy occurred, said that it would take a careful inspection, and the victims will provide the necessary assistance. Also, the city administration suspects that the construction of the structure was used corruption scheme, which stole part of the financing for the construction of the bridge. There are also questions to the company’s auditor, which provided the certificate about the safety of collapsed buildings.

As previously reported, new year’s eve in the capital of the aggressor country directly during the battle of chimes suddenly collapsed wooden bridge. Epic video quickly spread on social networks.

The structure, built in Gorky Park on the ice rink, on which stood dozens of people, at some point, crawled down, dragging the celebrating New year residents. “Injured 13 people. Heavy casualties there,” — said in an official statement.

Пешеходный мост обрушился в «час пик», много жертв: подробности и кадры 18+

The bridge likely could not withstand the weight load. Obviously, the lack of supports and provoked the destruction of wooden structures. The damage affected only a few square meters ice rink. Plot in the area of the collapse fenced in by specialists and the remaining area was opened for visitors.

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We also wrote that the Crimean bridge will collapse soon. This opinion was expressed by Israeli engineer Ali Belenson. According to him, for a long time he analyzed all the documents about the construction of the bridge, and as soon as flagrant violations declared in the network, previously available information immediately disappeared.

The expert believes that the Geology impeded the normal result, because of the inconsistencies of the soil for construction of the bridge, his project was rejected by the Soviet expertise.

“Usually, a major engineering structures such as railway bridges, where loads are assumed to be serious, it is customary to rely on a solid ground Foundation. For this special score or drilled piles, which rely on these solid grounds. If we aloprim massive structure on a firm enough basis, parts of it or the whole structure is entirely unable to sink unevenly, distorted and ultimately destroyed,” wrote the expert.

We will remind, the collapse of the Crimean bridge turned into large-scale searches.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainian Russian border guards debunked the myth of the Crimea, the Peninsula is empty, the record was not.

Also Politeka wrote that the Crimean bridge collapses, nothing can be done anymore.

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