A participant in the pogrom at the Effendi Hotel was given only 12 months

 Effendi hotel pogrom participant given only 12 months

The Makor Rishon publication reports that one of the participants in the pogrom at the Effendi Hotel in Akko during the operation “Sten Guard”, Muhammad Asuad, received a light sentence – 12 months in prison.

Haifa District Judge Daniel Fish was sentenced “with a guilty plea”.

Asuad was part of the mob that smashed the Effendi Hotel during the Akko. Asuad left the hotel before it was set on fire.

For unexplained reasons, prosecutors refused to hand over the verdict in Asuad's Makor Rishon case for two weeks. This was done only on the evening of February 14.

The prosecutor's office also announced its intention to appeal the sentence as too lenient. According to the prosecutor's office, the actions of the accused “caused great damage to the principles of coexistence of Jews and Arabs in mixed cities.”

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